Wildwood’s New General Manager

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Wildwood Restaurant Welcomes new General Manager Cana Flug.   Flug is owner of the successful, historic neighborhood café, Besaws. In her new role at Wildwood, she will oversee all front of the house activities, from operations, to staffing, to the beverage program, with Sommelier Savanna Ray.

A 17-year veteran of the restaurant industry, Flug took over ownership of Besaw’s in 2005. Her managerial skills and vision turned a flagging institution into a thriving business and dining destination focused on exceptional service, sustainability and high quality local food.

As General Manager of Wildwood Restaurant, Flug looks forward to enhancing the restaurant’s identity as a pioneer and cornerstone of Portland’s farm-to-table food movement.

“Wildwood is known as a welcoming and well-loved neighborhood destination, and I’m excited to bring fresh energy to the front of the house and complement Chef Dustin Clark’s dynamic food,” said Flug.

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