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Cory Schreiber opened Wildwood 13 years ago and rapidly became a leader in the region’s bustling culinary scene. Cory won the James Beard Award in 1998 for Best Chef Pacific Northwest – a fitting tribute to a man who cherishes the land, its people, and produce much in the same way Beard, a native Oregonian himself, did.

Cory lives and breathes the "cooking from the source" mantra, emphasizing sustainably grown produce from the Pacific Northwest prepared in ways that allow the natural beauty and flavors of the ingredients to shine through. "My influences have all been American, starting with my family," he says. "I don’t want to get muddled in ‘eclectic this’ and ‘eclectic that.’ I want to keep it straight-forward and simple."

In the summer of 2000, Cory’s first cookbook, Wildwood: Cooking from the Source in the Pacific Northwest, was published by Ten Speed Press. With its lavish food and landscape photography, inspired recipes, and passionate personal narrative, Wildwood presents the dishes that have earned Cory national acclaim, and offers a window into the source of his creativity.

Wildwood was inducted into the Nation’s Restaurant News Fine Dining Hall of Fame in Chicago in 2003.

After leaving Wildwood in 2007, Cory now uses his considerable experience and knowledge at the Oregon Department of Agriculture, where he's managing a program that will bring local produce to Oregon's K-12 school feeding programs. Ultimately, the goal of the position is to get kids' diets to reflect the quality and nutrition of fresh local fare.

"For agriculture, success would mean more," he says. "It would mean more plantings and hopefully more revenue for farmers. For kids, it would mean more, too. More fresh Oregon foods in the schools, and more awareness by kids as to where that food is coming from. "

Cory will be talking with farmers, processors, and others who produce the local foods that will hopefully find their way onto the plate of a public school child.

Strengthening the farm-chef connection was part of his past legacy, and now strengthening the farm-to-school connection will likely be part of his future legacy.

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