Fraga Farm Goat Cheese

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Fraga Farm Goat Cheese

Fraga Farm consists of a husband and wife team who  provide a superior cheese‚ abundantly rich in life force coming from their high quality‚ organic milk produced from a small herd of Alpine and Nubian goats.

Content‚ healthy‚well respected animals produce superior milk. You can taste it in the cheese! Fraga employees have the same high regard for the goats and the cheese as the owners do‚it makes for a very satisfying work environment. That care and attention goes into the cheesemaking and only the finest high quality ingredients are used.

Fraga Farm cheese is offered with pride‚ knowing people will taste the difference. Fraga Farm’s mission is to produce a high quality organic goat cheese‚ full of vitality. Their intent is to increase the health and enjoyment of their customers.


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