Gathering Together Farm

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Gathering Together Farm

Gathering Together Farm is a project in certified organic vegetable and fruit production began in 1987. Based just south of Philomath, Oregon on Grange Hall Road, the farm’s  fields are small odd shaped parcels of land, 1 to 5 acres in size, hugging the Mary’s River. Altogether, the farm comprises 65 acres.

aerial view of the farm

Gathering Together is owned by John Eveland and Sally Brewer, husband and wife. Their daughters, Amelia, Carly, and Haylee, make it a feminine majority.

Rodrigo Garcia and Joelene Jebbia share in the management of the farm. In the heat of the summer, there can be over 40 staff working feverishly to produce high-quality food, and get it to market.

Diversity is one of the keystones of the farm. Each year they sell over 40 different types of vegetables of over 100 different varieties through their Farm Stand and at booths at local farmers’ markets. They distribute wholesale quantities of many items through Organically Grown Company. Their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership program continues to grow and now includes over 300 households in Corvallis, Philomath, Portland, and Newport.


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