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Dinner is 5:30 to 10pm.
Please call 503.248.9663 for reservations.

Wildwood will be closed New Year’s Day


scallop sashimi   17
chervil, miso-yam purée

kusshi oysters   18
cava mignonette

chicken liver mousse    11
butternut squash mustard, marsala poached fig, walnut toast

chopped radicchio   11
blue cheese dressing, pomegranate, walnuts

beef tartare   16
calabrian chiles, castelvetrano olives, kala namak, crackers

smoked trout hoppin’ john   13
bacon, espelette

taleggio and white truffle pizza   18
poached potatoes, parsley

pan roasted mussels   20
bacon, cider, crème fraîche, toasted baguette

truffled celery root soup   9
chives, black truffle oil

confit chicken gizzards   13
brussels sprouts, caraway spaetzle, foie vinaigrette

shrimp ragoût   10
finocchiona salame, chickpeas, harissa

grilled leaves of romaine   13
bagna cauda, fried egg, calabrian breadcrumbs

artisan bread  3
jacobsen sea salt, pink himalayan salt, butter



pork and shrimp stuffed chicken   24
confit potatoes, stir fried brussels sprouts, fermented black beans

mesquite roasted lamb leg   28
roasted yams, burnt honey, preserved lemon, feta, pomegranate

rodenbach braised beef short ribs   26
smoky bacon, whipped potatoes, pickled onion

pan seared tombo tuna    27
preserved tomato, butternut squash, green curry, spicy cashews

clay oven roasted pork chop   25
braised sauerkraut, delicata squash, prosciutto, sage

winter squash dumplings   19
brussels sprouts, white truffles, roasted sunchokes, reserve cheddar

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Christmas Eve http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/events/christmas-eve-2/ http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/events/christmas-eve-2/#comments Sat, 28 Dec 2013 01:05:22 +0000 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/?p=5681 Christmas Eve Lunch is 11:30 – 2:30pm.
Dinner will be served 5:30 – 9pm.
Please call 503.248.9663 for Reservations.



ken’s bakery bread  3
jacobsen sea salt, himalayan pink salt, butter

chicory salad  11
celery, toasted walnuts, grana padano

chicken in pho broth  9
shredded cabbage, scallions

beet and citrus salad  15
dungeness crab, pine nuts, watercress, horseradish crème fraîche 

chopped radicchio  11
creamy garlic dressing, grana padano, pickled calabrians

tombo tuna tartare  16
pickled radish, nori vinaigrette, micro greens, togarashi, bamboo leaf salt

duck liver and foie gras brûlée  14
walnut bread and quince preserves

venison carpaccio  14
rosemary oil, pomegranate, frisée, salsify

shigoku oysters on the half shell  ½ dozen 19
cava mignonette

white truffle risotto  18
butter poached lobster, grana padano

chicken liver and bacon brochette  11
fork mashed black radish, sherry, hazelnuts

roasted butternut squash and pancetta pizza  18
emmentaler, sage, mozzarella, roasted garlic mascarpone

brick oven roasted mussels  20
bacon, leeks, cider, crème fraîche, toasted baguette

grilled leaves of romaine  13
bagna cauda, fried egg, calabrian breadcrumbs



christmas goose   27
port macerated grapes, sautéed spinach, confit and yam bread pudding

mesquite roasted lamb leg  27
roasted yams, burnt honey, preserved lemon, feta, pomegranate

rodenbach braised beef short ribs  28
smoky bacon, whipped potatoes, pickled onion

pork and shrimp stuffed chicken   24
confit potatoes, stir fried brussels sprouts, fermented black beans

pan seared tombo tuna  27
preserved tomato, butternut squash, green curry, spicy cashews

clay oven roasted pork chop  25
braised sauerkraut, delicata squash, prosciutto, sage

winter squash dumplings  19
brussels sprouts, white truffles, roasted sunchokes, reserve cheddar

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Thanksgiving http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/events/thanksgiving/ http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/events/thanksgiving/#comments Sat, 28 Sep 2013 21:37:23 +0000 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/?p=5513 Thanksgiving at Wildwood

In addition to our regular seasonal menu, we will offer a turkey dinner including mesquite roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Dinner will be served from 12pm to 7pm. Please call 503.248.9663 for reservations.

Thanksgiving Menu
-menu is subject to change-


ken’s bakery bread 3
jacobsen sea salt, red alder smoked sea salt, butter

mixed greens 8
zinfandel-oregano vinaigrette

smoked potato and clam chowder 10
spent grain cracker bread, calabrian chile oil

grilled parsnip and grapefruit salad 11
pine nuts, frisée, crème fraîche, truffle oil

warm delicata squash salad 12
radicchio, goat cheese, bacon

raw kale salad 11
spicy pumpkin seeds, creamy garlic dressing, grana padano

braised octopus 13
shellbeans, escarole, bagna cauda, ají dulce mayonnaise

italian sausage and fall pepper pizza 17
goat cheese, sage, garlic confit

brick oven roasted mussels 20
bacon, leeks, cider, fried sage, crème fraîche, toasted baguette





mesquite roasted turkey 25
mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, gravy

slow roasted prime rib 39
creamed spinach, horseradish, pomme frites

pan seared tuna 28
sage, pumpkin, balsamic, parsnip purée

clay oven roasted pork chop 25
braised collard greens, chanterelle gravy, caramelized sunchoke

roasted garlic and ricotta gnocchi 19
chanterelle mushrooms, roasted apple, fried kale, caramelized pumpkin

1221 NW 21st Avenue I Portland, OR 97209 I 503.248.9663 I wildwood@wildwoodpdx.com

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Brews for New Avenues For Youth 8.25 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/events/brews-for-new-avenues-for-youth/ http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/events/brews-for-new-avenues-for-youth/#comments Thu, 01 Aug 2013 21:49:34 +0000 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/?p=5430 On Sunday, August 25th from 1 to 3pm Wildwood will be hosting a charity event to benefit New Avenues For Youth. New Avenues believes that every young person should have food, shelter, and access to education and job training.

Funds raised will help to provide programs and services that empower homeless youth to exit street life.

Brews for New Avenues and Wildwood are pairing up and offering tastes of 5 unique Belgium beers and appetizers. Tickets are $35.

Email shelly@wildwoodpdx.com or call 503.360.9188 for your ticket.

trappist westvleteren blond

steak tartare
chanterelles, chile, grilled baguette


upright barrel aged flora rustica

rockfish ceviche
semolina cracker

trappist westvleteren 8

duck confit gougeres
roasted plum, arugula

brasserie cantillon cuvée st-gilloise

crispy pork rillettes
basil aioli

trappist westvleteren 12

point reyes blue

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Schwenk 8.01 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/schwenk-8-01/ http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/schwenk-8-01/#comments Fri, 19 Jul 2013 21:40:07 +0000 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/?p=5426 8.01 I 5:30 to 10pm Chef is preparing grilled goodness on the schwenker grill. Schwenker masters (and winemakers on the side), Barnaby and Olga Tuttle of Teutonic Wine Company will be there to discuss the schwenk tradition they discovered while traveling in Mosel Valley Germany.

Chef and Barnaby are grilling up marinated beef short ribs, chicken bratwurst, grilled corn, jalapeno and chimichurri. Schwenk plates are $20. The dish will be available throughout the dining room during regular dinner hours (5:30-10pm), in addition to our regular dinner menu.

Let’s Schwenk!

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Water Avenue Coffee Luncheon: June 22nd – 1PM http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/water-avenue-coffee-luncheon-june-1st-1pm/ http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/water-avenue-coffee-luncheon-june-1st-1pm/#comments Mon, 17 Jun 2013 19:52:43 +0000 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/?p=5300

Wildwood is pleased to announce the first in a series of luncheons featuring our latest addiction, Water Avenue Coffee. We invite you to join us for a fabulous afternoon of lunching with Portland’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage, coffee. Come taste the components of the new Wildwood blend and the final combination that Chef Dustin Clark calls #peanutbutterjellytime.

For Wildwood, Water Avenue’s coffee was love at first sip. Dustin and Roaster Brandon Smyth met with the intention of creating the perfect blend for the restaurant. Collaborating with chefs is a dream come true for Brandon, as food and coffee can often speak the same language. Coffee is often seen as a side-note to a meal offering in cuisine, but he wants to change that. His unusual and fruitful coffee can be paired with specific meals, the food and drink working in harmony, complementing one another.

Now here’s where we get to the peanut butter & jelly:

The Wildwood Blend is a mix of an El Salvadoran Red Bourbon San Luis Full Natural and a Brazilian Yellow Bourbon Peaberry. Before you get excited, it’s pronounced “borbón,” no relation to booze. The red bourbon is processed “full natural,” meaning the coffee cherries were sun dried on the seed before hulling, leaving them stained with the cherry’s juice and natural flavor. Some coffee cherries taste like blueberry, some taste like honey – this red bourbon tastes like strawberries.

Coffees from Brazil generally have low acidity, lots of chocolate flavor, and if you are lucky, a hint of sweet peanut butter. Brandon sourced the Brazilian Yellow Bourbon Peaberry earlier in January in the hopes of pairing it with something like the San Luis.

Brandon praises his farmers for letting Water Avenue gain access to coffees that typically might not be available to smaller companies like his. Miguel Menendez, Sr., the farmer who grew the red bourbon, allowed Brandon to experiment with his harvest, using processes like full natural and honey processing that take extra work to hull, but ultimately turn out a more unique and original product. Miguel’s passion for coffee and his support of Brandon’s desire to do things a little differently has culminated in the fabulous blend you’ll taste upon visiting Wildwood.

We hope you’ll join us for lunch, Saturday, June 22nd at 1pm. Tickets are $35 and include 4 light courses and 4 tastes of delicious Water Avenue Coffee. rsvp@wildwoodpdx.com | 503.225.0130 ext 2


strawberry rhubarb spritzer

el salvadoran red bourbon san luis full natural
strawberry jam coffee cake
hazelnut nutella, cocoa nib whipped cream

brazilian yellow bourbon peaberry
goat cheese and house made chorizo frittata
arugula and fried shallots

wildwood blend
grilled pork chop
coffee purée, honey roasted rhubarb

cold pressed red bourbon full natural
lemon sorbet

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Portland Dining Month @wildwoodpdx http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/portland-dining-month-wildwoodpdx/ http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/portland-dining-month-wildwoodpdx/#comments Sun, 16 Jun 2013 22:11:07 +0000 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/?p=5360

Portland Dining Month is back!

For the entire month of June, join us for 3 courses for just $29. Chef Dustin Clark has created three lovely dishes, including vegetarian and gluten free options. The meal finishes with a beautiful dessert by Wildwood Pastry Chef Julianne Richardson. Our regular menu will of course be available nightly.


shaved radish and asparagus salad
caramelized garlic, lemon, feta
2011 cá montebello, pinot nero bianco, italy

entrees choose one

green curry lamb ribs
crushed potatoes, spring onions and crispy beets
2010 françois pinon, vouvray, les trois argiles, loire

ayers creek polenta
fried egg, spicy greens and grilled lemon chimichurri
2012 gilbert cellars, rosé of mourvèdre, columbia valley


cardamom-vanilla bean panna cotta
strawberry-rhubarb jam and brown butter tuile
nv kopke rosé port

$29 per person  I  $44 with wine pairings

no substitutions or modifications  I  menu subject to change based on availability

photo credit: John Valls

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Sierra Nevada Cellared 30th Anniversary Dinner at Wildwood http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/sierra-nevada-cellared-30th-anniversary-dinner-at-wildwood/ http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/sierra-nevada-cellared-30th-anniversary-dinner-at-wildwood/#comments Sat, 08 Jun 2013 17:26:14 +0000 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/?p=5343

On Friday June 14th at 6:30pm, Wildwood‘s Sous Chef / Beer Director Paul Kasten will be hosting Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. for a very special six-course beer pairing dinner. At the core of the beer lineup will be the four 30th Anniversary collaboration beers brewed by Sierra Nevada with the help of several pioneers of American craft brewing. These beers have been properly cellared in Paul’s private collection since their release in 2010.

Guests will kick off the evening with some time to mingle over Sierra Nevada’s Pale, Summerfest, and Ovila Saison w/Mandarin Orange and Black Pepper. Sierra Nevada will also be bringing two brand new and very special beers. Barrel-Aged Maple Stout is a brand new 13% abv imperial stout with coffee and maple added, aged in bourbon barrels. Fungoo is a brown ale brewed with shiitake mushrooms and California Wild Rice.

“Like so many beer fans, Sierra Nevada’s offerings had a huge impact on me as I developed my taste for finer craft and import beers,” says Kasten. “It is a testament to the hard work of the Sierra Nevada team and the quality of their products that such a large brewery remains innovative and relevant to the current happenings in the industry even as it approaches its thirty-third birthday.”

Seats are $75, with gratuity included. Please contact Shelly Jones for reservations. 503.225.0130 | shelly@wildwoodpdx.com


pale, summerfest, ovila saison w/mandarin orange and black pepper

grilled oregon albacore
fried snap peas, green garlic aïoli
charlie, fred, and ken’s bock

steak tartare
crispy shallot, morels, parsley, pickled calabrian peppers, green garlic, pimentón

crispy chicken confit
mixed greens, crispy potatoes
our brewers reserve: grand cru

cocoa-chile braised pork
shell beans, jus
jack and ken’s ale

stout braised oxtail and porcini mushroom ravioli
grilled romaine purée, brown butter
fritz and ken’s ale

chocolate mousse cake
walnut brittle ice cream, bourbon-cayenne caramel sauce
barrel-aged maple stout

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Crooked Stave Brewer’s Dinner 06.08 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/crooked-stave-brewers-dinner-06-08/ http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/crooked-stave-brewers-dinner-06-08/#comments Tue, 04 Jun 2013 18:25:51 +0000 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/?p=5336 Remember that day when Oregon adopted the first official state microbe? With the prevalence of saccharomyces cerevisiae in craft brewing, the rest of us might need reminding of other wild things growing out there, and what they might tell us about what beer is supposed to taste like.

Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project was so fascinated by one wild yeast in particular, that he’s built his MSc. dissertation around it, creating a body of research entitled the Brettanomyces Project. Wildwood is honored to host Chad and Crooked Stave for our upcoming beer dinner, June 8th. Beer Steward and Sous Chef Paul Kasten‘s light and engaging menu features peak-of-the-season snap peas, dungeness crab, and a beautiful chévre to pair with Crooked Stave’s exciting array of Brett beers.

Brettanomyces is a form of wild yeast that is known by most as an unwelcome addition to wine, creating off flavors and “funk.” But before the advent of sterilization, “Brett,” as it’s often called, made its way into everything. Modern brewers, drawing on techniques of the past, welcome Brett as the yeast responsible for traditional Belgian ales like lambic and gueuze. Wild-yeast beers are said to have a wine-like complexity that craft beers lack, making them a natural accompaniment for food.

Yakobson says, “I’ve always been fascinated with the Biochemistry behind yeast fermentation. Studying Brettanomyces spp. gave me the chance to learn more about a yeast species which is relatively understudied in the brewing industry and gain a complex understanding of fermentative behavior… My interests involve the sensory aspects of beer flavor and aroma, especially the influence yeasts have on their development. Most importantly I’m interested in the rarely studied effects of bacteria souring organism and the so called ‘wild yeasts’ Brettanomyces.”

Crooked Stave Brewer’s Dinner @ Wildwood
Saturday, June 8th, 6PM | $75 includes 6 courses with pairings and gratuity
Reservations: shelly@wildwoodpdx.com | 503.225.0130 ext 2


dungeness crab, beets and crispy pork belly
minted yogurt, lime
vielle, artisanal saison

creamed new potatoes and snap peas
house cured spanish chorizo, créme fraîche, savory, gremolata
hop savant, 100% brettanomyces pale ale

crispy spent grain pork rillettes
oregon black truffle aïoli
surette, provision saison

seared muscovy duck breast
creamed peas
surette reserva, rustic five grain saison aged in chardonnay barrels

tandoori roasted rack of lamb
crispy new potatoes, baby carrots, glace
nightmare on brett (cognac barrel aged), 100% brett baltic porter

river’s edge chévre sunset bay
apricot, prosciutto
st. bretta, 100% brett fermented whitebier

If you’re interested in researching further, here’s a few great articles:

Brettanomyces, a Funky Yeast, Makes Flavorful Beers –  NY Times

Chad Yakobson’s Brettanomyces Dissertation – The introduction is worth reading!

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Wildwood Turns 19! http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/wildwood-turns-19/ http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/Blog/wildwood-turns-19/#comments Sat, 25 May 2013 00:29:48 +0000 http://wildwoodrestaurant.com/?p=5322

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