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special occasion cakes

72 hours to a weeks notice is required for all special occasion desserts.

seasonal decorations are available with prior notice.  pricing varies.

cake sizes
6” round short (2 layers) serves 5-7 guests   $25
6” round tall (3 layers) serves 8-10   $40

10” round (2 layers) serves 12-16   $60

10” round tall (3 layers) serves 18-22  $90
½ sheet (2 layers) serves  24-32 guests  $120

cake flavors
chocolate devil’s food
old fashioned vanilla
lemon chiffon
hazelnut brown butter

cake filling options
flavored whipped cream:  vanilla, espresso, rose, orange blossom, maple,cocoa
whipped cream cheese:  vanilla, pumpkin, spice
mousse:  chocolate, peanut butter
seasonal fruit
lemon curd
seasonal fruit preserves

cake frosting options
butter cream: vanilla, chocolate, espresso
chocolate ganache
cream cheese

wedding cakes
all custom order wedding cakes include a consultation with Pastry Chef Mickala Duprey,
a cake tasting, fresh flowers and seasonal fruit, and set up and serving of the cake.
cake flavors can be chosen from above or custom created for a
one-of-a-kind wedding cake.  wedding cake prices start at $6.00 per slice
and can be more depending on the design complexity.

special order desserts

9” rounds serve 12 to 16 guests

cheesecake $42
vanilla cheesecake on graham cracker crust
pumpkin cheesecake on gingersnap crust
marbled chocolate cheesecake on chocolate cookie crumb crust

chocolate espresso torte $56
dense and creamy flourless torte made with stumptown espresso and dagoba chocolate

chocolate mousse torte $42
light and silky dagoba chocolate mousse on a crunchy cookie crumb crust

pies 9” round serves 6-8 people   $24
seasonal fruit with a crust or crumble top
double nut:  toasted pecans and hazelnuts in a sweet, buttery filling

cream pie:  coconut, banana, lemon, chocolate topped with whipped cream

lemon or lime meringue

petite sweets and breakfast pastries
cupcakes, mini   $24 dozen

cupcakes, large   $30 dozen
brownies, 1×1” bite size   $9 dozen
cookies, assorted bite size   $6 dozen
seasonal chocolate bark   $12 per pound

sour cream coffee cake   $18 dozen
crumb topped muffins   $18 dozen
seasonal scones   $18 dozen
cinnamon rolls   $18 dozen

to book and plan the details of your event please contact
special events director shelly jones.
503.225.0130, shelly@wildwoodrestaurant.com